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Hello everyone this is Delos Johnsonwith Missouri dealer seminars I want tocover your step-by-step process and showyou how to get your dealers licensebasically hanging on the wall it'sbasically a twelve step process we'regoing to cover this extensively in yourclass but I want to give you kind of anoverview here to ensure that you will beable to complete these steps in order toobtain your license one of the firstthings that we're going to do in yourclass is we're going to talk about yourdealer application we actually will giveyou one in class and you'll have one inyour dealer training manual that you'llget in your class we're going to gothrough this extensively to ensure thatit is filled out correctly if you've gota couple of mistakes on the dealerapplication the dealer licensing sectionin Jefferson City may reject yourapplication so we will cover thatextensively in class to ensure its fillthat correctly a correct dealerapplication will sail through the dealerlicensing section and you'll get thatlicense back the dealer's license backin about six to seven days but if you'vegot a couple of mistakes on thatapplication it can hold your licensingprocess up substantially and we're alsogoing to talk about your backgroundcheck now if you live out of stateyou'll have to get a background checkconducted from your States HighwayPatrol or State Police Agency here inMissouri if you live in Missouri you'llhave to pass a Missouri Highway Patrolbackground check so these backgroundchecks they go back ten years the statewants to make sure that you haven'tstole a car did odometer tampering orbeen involved in some type of automotivecrime when you become a dealer we'regoing to talk about in your class howimportant it is to operate with veryhigh ethical standards and completeintegrity and the Department of Revenuedoes have zero tolerance for any dealerthat does not follow the rules so we arerequired to operate with a very highlevel of ethical standards and we'lltalk about that very extensively in yourdealer training class we're also goingto show you how to register yourbusiness name with the MissouriSecretary of State's officethe Missouri Secretary of State wants toknow every single business that'soperating in Missouri including thisdealership that you're getting ready toopen so you might you might be afictitious name registration you mightfile an LLC we'll talk about this alittle bit in class and I'll alwaysrecommend getting legal or tax adviceafter class you know if you have anyquestions on how to illegally structureyour business entity the state ofMissouri does also require that you havea business building your building needsto be enclosed and you need to meet alllocal zoning requirements we actuallyhave a verya simple set of guidelines for thebusiness building you just have to havean...